One of our EasyGrid Templates with both embossing and perforating patterns.

Place parchment on top of template holding parchment in place with a small pieces of low tack tape or Blu Tack,  also the TP5011PP Template Corner Supports or the new TP5012PP Template Buddy can be used to help hold in place and give more area and support to rest hands.

Rub parchment with dry tumble dryer sheet to improve “slip” of embossing tool.  To emboss use the PCA E3012 Micro Ball embossing tool which fits perfectly in the embossing tracks.   When all embossing has been completed turn both template and parchment over in one, you are now ready to perforate.  Rest template and parchment on a perforating mat use the PCA F1001 Uni Fine perforating tool for all the holes in grid pattern.

Not necessary to use a light box unless using with paper or card stock.